The New York City Outer Boroughs Team

Timothy M. Houston, Area Director Consultant. Assigned BNI Advantages, BNI Cross Island Referral Network, BNI Dream Team, BNI Done Deals, BNI Elite Synergy, BNI High Achievers, BNI Maximum Returns, BNI Morning Money Makers and BNI Prefer to Refer

Tim Houston has been involved with BNI since 1996.  He was a founding member of two BNI chapters: one in Scarsdale, New York and the other in Staten Island.  In 1999, he became the Area Director Consultant for the NYC Outer Boroughs Region and brought BNI to Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Tim is an expert in the areas of sales training, business networking, word-of-mouth and referral marketing. Crowned "The Czar of Networking" by CBS Radio, Tim has positively impacted thousands of business people through his high-energy workshops, motivational presentations, and mentoring sessions on strategic business networking, public speaking, and word-of-mouth marketing strategies, across the United States. He has made more than 4,000 presentations to companies, organizations and universities in the past 20+ years. 

Tim is a contributing author to The New York Times Best Seller, Masters of Sales and he has written numerous articles on networking that have been published around the world in several languages. He is a three-time #1 international  bestselling the author of  The World's Worst Networker, Leads To Referrals and The Referral Rules! and No-Nonsense Networking

He believes in making each day productive, profitable and prosperous by practicing the Giver’s Gain philosophy so that he can help others get what they want out of life.  His official website is

Tim Seitz,  Director Consultant.

Assigned Director Consultant for BNI Revenue Raisers & BNI Confidence

Phone: 917-843-2497 

Tim joined BNI's Morning Money Makers chapter in June of 2008.  He became an Director Consultant in March of 2009 and is launched BNI Done Deals, BNI's first chapter in the world to meet at 3 PM, lauched on May 10, 2012.  Tim is

He is steadfastly working on creating new chapters and getting more and more business owners connected to BNI.  Tim is a certified hypnotist with a focus on helping people lose weight, stop smoking and conquering phobias.  He has performed stage hypnosis in Las Vegas and before 1,000 college students at a prestigious Ivy League University in New York City.    Tim's background includes working for Public Relations powerhouse Porter Novelli (he taught "Building Better Media Lists" at PN offices across the country), as well as creating social events at top clubs all over New York and Boston, including the world famous CBGB's. Over 365,000 people have attended Tim's events!