Common Questions About BNI

Q:  I work as a Financial Advisor/Real Estate Agent / Mortgage Broker/Banker / Life-Health-Disability Insurance Agent.  I want to join BNI but my profession is represented in all of the existing chapters and/or forming chapters.  What can I do?

A:  It is extremely difficult for people in these professions to participate in an existing BNI chapter as their positions are rarely, if ever, vacated in a chapter.  If you are in one of these professions and want to participate in BNI, the best way would be to start your own BNI chapter or to attend a New Chapter Seminar/Informational Meeting. More information about starting a chapter can be found here

Q.  I have more than one service or product.  Can I represent all of them in a chapter?

A.  No.  You must represent your primary business or product (i.e. what constitutes 75% or more of your business).  For example: Financial Advisors cannot represent Life Insurance as they are two different classification categories.  A lawyer must pick an area of concentration and cannot be a "general practitioner" covering all areas of law.  A bank cannot represent mortgages, loans, deposit accounts, financial services, etc.    Chapter Membership Committees have final authority in classification conflicts and in limiting membership to specific categories.

QHow do I become a BNI member?

A. You first need to attend a chapter meeting as a Visitor. You are permitted to attend a maximum of two meetings.  You will be given an application for membership at the meeting, which must be submitted to the chapter's Membership Committee along with your participation and registration fees.  You will be interviewed, your  references checked and you  will be notified within one (1) week as to your applications status.  Once you are accepted by the chapter, your participation fees are non-refundable. If you are not accepted by the chapter, your participation and registration fees will be returned. 

Q:  How many BNI chapters can I belong to?

A:  You can belong only to one chapter. Your business may belong to several chapters so long as there are different representatives from your company in each chapter and that those representatives are accepted by the chapter they are applying to.  A business that is represented in one chapter does not automatically guarantee it a position in another chapter.  If your business  would like to have its representatives apply for membership in another chapter where the position in open, the representative(s) of your business will need to attend those chapters' meetings and apply for membership as any non-BNI member would. 

Q: When do BNI Chapters meet?

A:  All chapters meet weekly. Most  chapters meet from 7:00- 8:30am but we do have some mid-morning and late afternoon chapters. Check the Chapters page for more information.

Q: I do not see a chapter in my area.  How can start one?

A.  To learn how to start your own BNI chapter or to attend a New Chapter Seminar/Informational Meeting click here