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Welcome to the New York City Outer Boroughs' regional website. Here you will find the latest information about BNI chapters and events located in Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens New York.

BNI  is a business and professional networking organization that offers each member the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and referrals.


With 222,000+ members in 8050+ chapters around the world,  BNI is the world's leading networking and referral organization.



Would you like to increase your business by 20%? 30%?  50%? Or as much as 100%


You can see results like this! Many have. These are some of the benefits you can have. Some participants have added as many as 50 new clients in the first 2 years!

 "Word of Mouth" is the best and, most cost-effective form of advertising possible. BNI provides a structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals for both men and women.

BNI provides a structured and supportive system of giving and receiving business. It does so by providing an environment in which you develop personal relationships with dozens of other qualified business professionals. By establishing this "formal" relationship with other people, you will have the opportunity for substantially increased referrals! If referrals are an important part of your business, then BNI is the organization for you.

Lock Out Your Competition:

In BNI, only one person is allowed to join per professional classification or specialty per chapter. Once you are accepted as a member into a local chapter, your competition is not allowed to belong.

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In 2017, our Queens, Brooklyn & Staten Island members generated

over 7,338 referrals

totaling over $13.6 Million in business for each other.

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